Thermax 5 Level B Strips

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Thermax is a range of Labels and Strips that change color permanently, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. 
5 level-B Model Range from 49 deg c to 71 deg c.


Product Description

· Irreversible colour change

· Inexpensive and Easy to Use
· Immediate Response
· Permanent record of Highest Temperature
· Silver to black colour change
· Accuracy Tolerances: 
29°c to 99°c is +/-1°
100°c to 154°c is +/-1.5°c
160°c to 280°c is +/- (1%+1°c)

Size: 1.53"x0.7" / 39x18mm
Type: Vertical, Self Adhesive
Scale: °C & °F
Pack Size: Sold in units of 10
Adhesive: Acrylic