TiltWatch XTR

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The TiltWatch® XTR is single-use tip indicator used to monitor goods that must remain upright. Once applied to the packaging, the TiltWatch XTR will provide evidence of mishandling if the shipment is tipped. However, the tilt indicator remains unaffected by movement resulting from normal handling conditions.


Product Description

The TiltWatch XTR is a single-use tip indicator used to monitor goods that must remain upright. When attached to a package, the TiltWatch XTR turns red if the package is tilted past 80°. The patented design ensures that the indicator remains unaffected by movement due to normal handling conditions or random vibrations.


• Reduces mishandling during transportation or storage

• Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling

• Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance

• Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling

• Confirms effectiveness of packaging

• Helps identify trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage

• Helps increase quality of product from dock to dock.

Activation Angle : 80° ±5° from vertical

Monitoring Range : Single plane

Adhesive : 2 mil high tack acrylic

Humidity Tolerance : 5% to 99% noncondensing

Temperature Tolerance : -40°F to 140°F

Composition : Rigid polystyrene housing with non-magnetic steel indicator

Arming : Arms coincident with removal of adhesive liner

Size : 2.92 in x 2.37 in x 0.21 in

Installation : Pressure-sensitive adhesive or holes to accommodate screws, nails, or staples

Customization : Cobranding available on orders over 5,000 pieces

Adhesive Shelf Life : 2 years

  • Greater than 80° tilt detection
  • Tamper-proof
  • Indicator will not activate under normal handling