Power distribution block PDB 160

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The demands on distribution blocks are increasing. Often the energy has to be redistributed in plants and machines in order to supply additional consumers such as motors - of course as safely and efficiently as possible. Ever larger conductor cross-sections with minimum space requirements bring distribution blocks into the focus of users.


Product Description

Universal feed of round and flat conductors in distribution blocks

The distribution blocks from HORA eTec enable both round and flat conductors to be fed in. At the outlets, installers expect a large number of smaller terminal points for further energy distribution. In addition, the number of outlets can be easily and safely expanded.


Because the distribution blocks can be added and expanded as required. There are phase rails for the smaller distribution blocks and as accessories for the larger pre-assembled flat copper bridges. With these accessories, users can even triple the number of outlets.


This enables installers to distribute the energy to many other conductors with just one access, instead of redistributing the energy with additional cables. All distribution blocks can also be combined with one another in any way - and the modular design makes it very easy to build up multi-pole systems.

Product advantages


ü  Cost savings based on the optimized brass body and simplified screw installation

ü  Visible conductor entry by virtue of innovative stepped design of the brass body

ü  Universal feed-in: round or flat conductor

ü  Large number of connecting points

ü  Connecting points can be extended through stackability and bridging as required

ü  Suitable bridges are available as accessory

ü  Connecting points for outgoing circuits clearly arranged by cross-section size

ü  PDBs can be combined with one another as required (modular systems of 1- to 5-poles possible)

ü  Very user-friendly due to compact design and rounded edges (protected design patent)

ü  Dome technology avoids the loss of screws located in the plastic component

ü  No torque losses thanks to use screws without brake

ü  Self-extinguishing and halogen-free plastic housing



Application Areas


ü  Mechanical Engineering

ü  Production Plants

ü  Automation

ü  Switch Gears

ü  Wind mill powered plants

ü  Solar Engineering




ü  Suitable for aluminum or copper conductors

ü  Compact and robust construction with big crosses

ü  All-side finger safe

ü  Innovative step design of the brass body with a transparent cover for safe connection of the conductors

ü  Large amount of terminals for universal, round or flat conductors

ü  Stackable and extended to any requirement using phase rails for smaller distribution blocks and pre-assembled flat copper bridges as accessories for large ones

ü  Horizontal and vertical installation