Useful for Increasing I/O Ports of PC, PLC & LP (Autonics Logic Panel)ARM-DI08N-4S

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Autonics brand new remote I/O - ARM series of Modbus RTU type following up its initial ARD series, DeviceNet remote I/O, allows you better choices. You can easily increase I/O ports when using PC, PLC and LP series(Autonics Logic Panel),and also save wire cost using ARM when connecting sensors to various controllers as well. In addition, its e-Con sensor connecting feature also saves a lot of wiring works. Its space saving compact design is just a bonus.

Product Description

* Modbus RTU standard protocol

* Connects with sensor connector, e-CON : saves wiring work (sensor connector, CNE Series, sold separately)

* Compact size

: Small size with W26×L76×H54mm to install at narrow space
: Available DIN Rail mounting and screw lock mounting method

* Real-time monitoring by various functions

: Communication speed auto-recognition, Network power voltage monitoring
: Reading number of expansion units and specifications, Reading model name of basic and expansion units
: Monitoring Single byte input/output, Multi byte input/output and status Flag

* Easy expansion

: Available to connect up to 63 basic units per 1 master unit
: Available to connect up to 7 expansion units per 1 basic units (controllable input/output for max. 64 points)
: Combines the desired specifications of input/output by various input/output units
: Organizes power and communication system by only communication cable lines

* High reliability

: Built-in surge, short, over-heat, reverse power polarity and static prevention circuits