LCD Touchscreen Paperless Recorders-KRN1000-0401-0S

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The KRN1000 series paperless recorders feature 5.6-inch TFT color LCD (640×480) touchscreen displays with excellent visibility and intuitive control interface. The recorders can process 27 types of input with high-speed sampling rate up to 25 ms and recording cycle between 1 to 3600 s. Various communication methods are supported along with high capacity storage memory (internal/external). Users can also cycle between 9 different graph types, depending on the required application. The series is available in 4, 8, 12, 16 input channel models with various input/output options.


Product Description

KRN100 Series are 100mm hybrid recorders featuring functions of a strip chart recorder and a paperless recorder. The recorders are capable of recording measured values of temperature, humidity, level, pressure, and much more. The data can be stored onto USB memory and can printed later with the data logger function. The series also features convenience features including parameter configuration via USB communication port, slot type input/output cards, and other user-friendly functions.

* 5.6-inch TFT color LCD (640×480) touchscreen display with excellent visibility and intuitive control interface
* Supports 27 input types (thermocouple, RTD, analog voltage and current[shunt])
* 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 input channel models available
* Various communication methods (USB, RS422/485, Ethernet) supported
* 25 to 250 ms high-speed sampling, 1 to 3600 s recording cycle
* 200 MB internal memory and external memory support (SD/USB up to 32 GB)
* Store and backup internal data to external memory (SD/USB)
* 9 different graph types available
* Various option input/output available: digital input (contact/non-contact), alarm output, transmitter power output
* Compact, space-saving design (rear length: 69.2 mm)

Main features

  • Combined functions of paper recorder and paperless recorder
  • Enables to print the saved data of inner memory when running out of recording paper (data logger function)
  • Enables to set parameters with USB, RS485, Ethernet communication
  • High legibility and setting convenient by graph LCD
  • High speed sampling of 25ms, high speed record of 240mm/H functions
  • 100mm paper record (selectable 6 kinds of record color)
  • Supports inner memory and USB memory data backup (storage)
  • Supports several input up to 12 channels with slot type input cards
  • Enables to select several option cards with slot type output cards
  • Space saving for installation with compact design (rear length: 168mm)
  • Supports total 27 kinds of input types
  • Enables to order several type input cards (weight, voltage, current, frequency, potential meter, etc)